What to Expect When You Visit

When you come to Grogan Ford, you will meet knowledgeable and professional salespeople, see a vast and varied inventory of vehicles, work with the best finance team in the business, and feel confident in the abilities of our trained service technicians.

We work hard to ensure our friends and neighbors in Watford feel comfortable with us and trust us to help them make good decisions on their vehicle investment. You can expect to feel right at home here, because we value you and your business.

Professional Sales Team

We’ve all cringed at the stereotypical car salesman on television. He’s usually wearing a too-tight baby-blue polyester suit. He slicks his hair back, and his button-down shirt is unbuttoned way too far. He follows the customers around the lot, hot on their heels, saying cliched phrases like, “Lemme see what I can do for ya.”

You will not find that person at Grogan Ford. Our sales team members are professionally trained and knowledgeable about our brand. Our team understands that a vehicle purchase is a significant investment that takes time and research. We are here to help you on your timeline – not the other way around.

Our advice and opinions are given based on our experience and knowledge of our brand. We don’t hover or try to make uncomfortable small talk. We give you the space and answers you need when you ask us.

Vast Inventory

You must see what you want to purchase. That means we make sure to have plenty of inventory on hand. It’s essential that you have an opportunity to see the color you’re interested in, feel the interior’s fabrics, and investigate the features you are most interested in seeing.

We also know you will need to take a test drive or two before you settle on the right vehicle. We want you to have the time and experience behind the wheel that you need to sort out important questions before you buy:

    • Is the seat comfortable?

    • Does the armrest feel convenient?

    • How do the automatic high-beam headlamps work?

    • How much space do I have in the cargo area?

Without a large inventory, you can only assume and guess, and we don’t ever want you to do either!


Our customers share that the financing part of their visit to other dealerships causes great anxiety, frustration, and even sweaty palms. At Grogan Ford, you will find that our finance team is one of the best in the business. We never want you to feel uncomfortable with us.

We also never want you to sign a financing agreement that puts your budget in a bind. We will work with you to find a vehicle you can afford without stress or worry when the monthly bill comes due.

You can do several things before you come to the dealership that may make your financing discussion more comfortable. You will be pleasantly surprised to know that The Ford Company provides lots of online educational tools that anyone can use to educate themselves about credit and credit scores, how to value a trade-in, and even how to budget for a new car.

Once you feel more in control, you can apply for financing online to know where you stand before you meet with our team. Knowledge is power. The more you know, the better you will feel.

If you have questions during your budgeting process, you can always contact a member of our financing team for answers to questions, advice, or assistance. It’s likely we’ll be able to alleviate any unnecessary anxiety.

Service Technicians

When you leave Grogran Ford in your new car, our relationship is just beginning. We know you want to take care of your investment. That means you’ll be back to see us for regularly scheduled maintenance. Our service technicians are trained in our brand and understand precisely what your vehicle needs to keep it operating in tip-top shape all the time.

We know your time is valuable, so we don’t waste it. Schedule service appointments at your convenience online, and be confident in knowing we work hard to stick to those appointment times so you’re not left waiting.

If you’ve never experienced what buying a vehicle is like at Grogan Ford, we know once you buy with us, you’ll keep coming back. We work hard to be sure our friends and neighbors feel at home with us. Your business is essential, and we do everything we can to be sure you know that you matter.

Come to Grogan Ford today and see the difference a top-quality car dealership can make in your car-buying experience.

Expect When You Visit